The Clear Site Virtural Production Facility

Out with the old...
Traditionally getting a site on the web involved finding a single developer who could handle the entire project.  In the case of large scale projects - a development firm was required.  This practice carried a heavy cost for the website owner in terms of the time it took to find a developer and the amount of money the developer could demand.

The end results of the development process were often unsatisfactory because one developer or one firm was trying to do everything - rather than specializing in that area in which they excel.

In with the new...
Clear Site is a virtual production facility where designers create graphics, programmers write code, engineers maintain systems and website owners write page content.  The basic process is as follows...

  1. Website owners fill out a project description & requisition form.
  2. Designers apply to do the work and the owner chooses which designer will do the project.
  3. Once you are happy with the visual design, a programmer may for example, add an online store to the site - or some other revenue mechanism.
  4. Now the website owner can log into the site to add text and images as well as store inventory items.

The end result is a custom design with features that work for website owners and their audiences.

Reducing the cost...
Clear Site is saving money for website owners and improving quality by harnessing the well known efficiencies of specialization - because each member of your project team is doing what they do best.  The Clear Site virtual production facility takes these efficiencies and savings ten steps further by eliminating the overhead costs associated with bricks and mortar production facilities.


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