Website Ownership


The Problem
A professional website is costly to purchase and maintain.  Updates to the content are not always made in a timely manner leading to less than optimal communication with your market audience.  Additionally, no single web developer will be able to address your needs as well as a co-ordinated, global community of designers, developers and solution providers.

The Solution
Clear Site has made the process of owning and maintaining a professional quality website easier and more cost effective than ever before. Our system empowers small to medium sized organizations by giving them the ability to update their website freely and independently, thereby avoiding costly fees from a web developer.

Clear Site owners, and their employees, can change the content on their website just by opening up internet explorer and surfing it. When you want to change a picture, some text, links, or even create new pages, all you have to do is point and click. All changes can be instantly published to the web or held for internal approval. This is the key to maximizing your company’s web communications to the world.

For the same amount of money a web developer charges for only 30 minutes of work, you will have the power to make an unlimited number of changes to your website.

  • Change your own text, images and media.
  • Add and remove pages from your website.
  • Maintain a variety of e-Revenue streams.

Occasionally, your project will require some design work or specialty solution.  Our virtual production facility gives you access to a well co-ordinated and highly competitive, global community of designers, developers and solution providers - to ensure that you find the right solution at the right price.  Read more about this issue...

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